Development — Development services provided by Shift-Delete.


Shift-Delete builds high-quality, efficient software. We can build your next system from scratch, leading the entire software lifecycle from beginning to end. We can also lay down the foundations for your new systems, providing a comprehensive solution on-top of which you can continue building your software in-house.

We are methodical and detail-oriented. Our work is always provided with a comprehensive test-suite and easy-to-follow documentation.

We also specialize in writing systems for restricted, offline environments with no Internet access.


Shift-Delete is proficient in a broad technological domain and has successfully provided services across many programming languages, environments, use cases, etc.

From a perspective of programming languages, we specialize in Go, Python, C, JavaScript/NodeJS, and Perl. Our experience building distributed systems goes back decades and yet is always up-to-date. We design highly-available systems with strong consistency guarantees on top of Kubernetes, Docker, and other platforms. On the data side, we have written applications consuming and processing data at massive scales on top of PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, ElasticSearch, Apache Kafka, and others.

We are Unix experts, with decades of extensive work on top of Linux and the BSD family.

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