Shift-Delete — Software services, including development, training and consultation.


Shift-Delete provides software services for various companies. Started in 2019 by Ido Perlmuter, a professional software engineer with 25 years of experience building large-scale, complex systems for large corporations and growing startups.

Shift-Delete is incorporated as an LLC ("Shift-Delete LLC") in the United States of America, and as a sole-proprietorship (עוסק מורשה) in Israel.




Shift-Delete was started by Ido Perlmuter, a software architect and engineer with decades of experience. Ido was one of the first employees of Aqua Security—a successful cyber-security startup—where he was an architect, tech lead and team lead. He wrote large-scale systems that continue to manage the infrastructure of Israeli telecommunications to this day.

Ido is also an avid maintainer of popular open source projects starting in the early 2000s. You can find his personal blog at and his open source projects at

Since its formation in 2019, Shift-Delete has helped both early-stage startups and established corporations build new systems, train employees, and improve existing systems.